About: MAO-MAO is an informal collaborative effort by researchers to develop and operate a research infrastructure to assess digital software artefacts representing microservices. We gather statistics across various repositories (Docker, Maven, Helm, Lambda), aggregate and replicate all information, and run statistical analysis tasks for the actual research work. MAO-MAO is currently in phase 2 as of 2019. This website serves primarily as overview about the activities with links to more interesting activities.

Try the demo instance of a developer-oriented artefact dashboard: MAO dashboard (navigate to Docker Hub to get metrics)
As of November 2019, we have the MAO Orchestrator running in an etcd-coordinated federation with two instances in CH and AR.



Research Outputs:


Collaborators: Please join us if you want to participate in developing, operating or exploring the research infrastructure. You can find out about our activities in the version log, and you can contact us by sending an e-mail.